Kingdoms of Immacus: Phase 1 Complete

Phase 1 or what I call the “Fray Phase” of Kingdoms of Immacus development is now complete, but what was Phase 1? For me, Phase 1 was fleshing out the concept, getting those concepts on paper, and putting those concepts to the test. While doing this however, I approached the game from multiple angles – bundling art, graphic design, conceptual design, and playtesting all in one phase – and it seemed to work. Doing art and graphic design I was able to do the card face designs, the icons associated with the game, and the logo. Conceptual design was bundled with playtesting and I was able to work on some of the bugs of the game as well. Though Phase 1 is complete, many facets that composed it will still be worked on in the next phase. So what is the next phase?

The next phase is what I would call the Heroic Refinement Phase. This is the phase that will go through the entire completed set and implement the changes the game saw over the course of its numerous iterations and adjustments in the Fray Phase. It will also see the reworking of the hero card that has taken a back seat. The hero card was only necessary to be functional not pretty for the initial phase and it did its job. Now it’s time to give it a little tender loving care. This is also the phase I will be doing the hero art for each race. The heroes will be used in art promotions, marketing, etc. and like the logo; they will be used for me to keep me excited and rejuvenated on the project. They will also serve as art direction for any future artists I commission. Though the Fray Phase saw plenty of play testing, ensuring mirror matches of each race played very mirror-esque, this phase will beat it a little more into the ground.

Not only will there be some mirror matches, but this phase will also open up different races battling it out against one another to see how their mechanics do against each other. It’s important that when players play each mono color deck that each race feels unique and plays a little differently in strategy. As a side note tokens were also completed as well and we’ll see how clean professional tokens will help speed the game along by adding coherence and easy readability on unit and building upgrades etc. Sometimes that became a point of contention so this will eliminate any ambiguity.

Finally, I am now officially nine months into this project and I’m happy with the results. I’d like to think that the phases from here on out will move faster now that the bulk of mechanical designing both conceptual and artistic are done, but perhaps I’m just moving from one mountain to a different equally-sized mountain. Hopefully in the last three months leading up to the year mark, I will be able to finish this phase and move on to the next that will introduce the relics into the game, which consists of heirlooms, constructs, and equipment. I’m looking forward to the next post about the next phase and what comes out of it.


-Jonathan Flike

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