Kingdoms of Immacus: Card Game Progress Report 4/18/16-5/5/16

I decided to take a few weeks from blogging updates to give one larger post instead of the tiny posts. In the last few weeks I got a few play test sessions in for the Crystalynn (blue) race, finished the cards for the Te’Kesh (orange) race and nearly finished all the cards for the Kravix (red) race. The Kravix will be done this week most likely, which will mark the end of the six factions in the game. The only cards left are relics and equipment, which will be cards that don’t get a mirror match play test, but instead will get integrated in the decks for the six races. So the 300+ cards for the set are more or less done. Through playtesting there will be tweaks, but as of now, I don’t see any cards that need to be outright cut from the set.

So now the next step is art, art commissions, and more play testing. I have found some artists I am interested in commissioning, but first I want to finish the hero art for the hero cards first and do a few pieces of art for each race so the future commissioned artists have a feel for what the races look like etc. I am hoping that each hero won’t take more than two days or so. Part of this journey will be training myself to work on digital art faster. The faster I can work and complete art, the less I have to commission the work out.

Finally, what did I learn from the play testing? First that all the massive changes I made to the game worked out really well. Things felt smoother, everything was integrated nicely, and the new principality mechanism of 180° exhaustion for building upgrade resource worked pretty darn smooth. I am happy with the core mechanisms of the game now, and at this point it will just be refining and minor tweaks. I don’t see anything egregious in the way the game flows now.

In the near future I’ll do some art posts, some posts detailing my principality change because I think it is interesting to talk about, and any other progress I make. Until next time.


-Jonathan Flike

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