Kingdoms of Immacus: Racial Abilities and Status Abilities

I wanted to take a break from progress reports and talk a little bit about some interesting abilities that make each race in Kingdoms of Immacus unique. In making the game, I wanted to make each race feel unique in looks, playstyle, and abilities. I wanted to go further than Magic the Gathering’s color theory of playstyle. Each race has a card face border that is not shared by any other and they also have playstyle mechanics not shared by other races, but today I wanted to talk about the abilities that separate them all. Each race has both a status ability and a racial ability some of which inspired from traditional RPGs.

The Xizek’s are a reptilian/insectoid race that has a hive mentality. Many bugs and reptiles are poisonous, and I wanted to capture the both a hive mind nature and poison with their abilities.

Xizeks (Green)

Status Ability:

“Poison (x)” – Deal (x) damage to affected follower each turn. This damage can kill a follower, but constructs are not affected.

“Noxious(x)”: The follower ability that gives the Poison(x) status aliment.

Racial Ability:

Hero Bond – Remove X damage from hero where X is the damage follower with ability does.

The Ethereals are a spirit race. They are mischievous and lack a physical form.

Ethereals (Purple)

Status Ability:

Confuse(x): For X turns flip a coin. If you lose, confused attacking unit (follower or construct) deals damage to another target of opponent’s choice.

“Mania(x)”: The follower ability that gives the Confuse(x) status aliment.

Racial Ability:

Phase: Flip follower (backside up) during your turn. Damage is wiped and they are no longer targetable. When flipped over again, follower is not Battle Ready (summoning sickness).

The Astracites are a parasitic race that relies on taking over their hosts to survive and multiply.

Astracites (Black)

Status Ability:

Blind(x): Affected for X turns. Flip a coin. If lose, attacking unit deals no damage.

“Infect(x)”: The follower ability that gives the Blind(x) status aliment.

Racial Ability:

Parasitism: If follower with ability kills another follower, gain control of them. Their stats are reduced to 1/1.

The Crystalynns are a bulky crystal/rock race that are primarily peace-loving, but also fight back if provoked.

Crystalynns (Blue)

Status Ability:

Stone(x): Follower cannot attack or use abilities for X turns.

“Petrify(x)”: The follower ability that gives the Stone(x) status aliment.

Racial Ability:

Crystalize(x): When being attacked, follower gains X armor until the end of turn. Not triggered more than once per turn.

The Te’Kesh is a heavy magic using race. They are also pretty malicious, but their abilities focus on their magic affinity.


Status Ability:

Silence(x): Unit loses all abilities and modifiers for X turns.

“Muffle Magic(x)”: The follower ability that gives the Silence(x) status aliment.

Racial Ability:

Distort Time (Haste/Slow): When attacking or being attacked, follower can either do:

Haste—Gain attack priority the next turn.

Slow—Attacked or attacking unit that targets follower with ability gets lowest attacking priority the next turn.

The Kravix is a race of fire dogs, and their abilities reflect their fire nature.

Status Ability:

Burn(x): Deal X damage each turn to a unit. Unit affected cannot die from burn.

“Flammable(X)”: The follower ability that gives the Burn(x) status aliment.

Racial Ability:

Combust(x): Deals X damage to attacker upon death.

Each status and racial ability attempt to give each race an additional layer of identity, which I hope will make players feel more emotionally connected to the race they decide to play.


-Jonathan Flike

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