Kingdoms of Immacus: Progress Report 3/13/16-3/19/16

Unfortunately, no playtest session results to report for this week. Next week looks better for a playtest session. Instead, this week has been dedicated to the logo. I have finished the words “Kingdoms of” and I have started the border of the placard. I’m waiting on doing “Immacus” until the border is done and I have a better idea what visual element is needed from it. It may not seem like a ton of progress, but it is actually more time-intensive than it may seem. The goal is to finish the border next week, get a playtest session in, and make a tweak to game mechanics. I want to go back and look at the leveling mechanism and perhaps make a large change to the follower card. Let’s see what keeps my interest most next week (probably the logo). I also was able to finish the Kravix and Te’Kesh racial icons. It has been a pretty darn productive week; however, not that much to report.


-Jonathan Flike

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