Kingdoms of Immacus: Card Highlight -- The Follower

I've started this blog a little backwards, putting the cart before the horse so to speak. So I wanted to start off this week with a highlight of one of my card types: the follower. The follower is the primary unit card in your arsenal. It can attack, use abilities, and power up. let's take a closer look at what makes the follower card unique.

This is the follower card for the Astracite Race:

Now let's look at the card with some identifiers:

1. This is the follower icon. Any card that has this icon is considered a follower. It is affected by follower-specific spells and abilities.

2. This is the follower subtype. Not only is the card considered a follower, it is considered whatever the suptype is as well.

3. This is the rarity gem. They come in several iterations: Green - Standard rarity Blue - Exceptional rarity Red - Epic rarity Silver - Unique rarity Gold - Legendary rarity

In Kingdoms of Immacus, rarity affects the number of cards of each you are allowed in your deck or in play. Green you can have four of the same in your deck, blue you can have three, red and silver you are allowed two. Gold is limited to one. In the case of silver and gold, only one card of the exact kind may be in play at any time.

4. This is the casting cost of the card. The symbol represents the racial tribute required to put the follower into play.

5. These are the stats of the follower. From top to bottom they are:

Attack - the damage a follower can do. Defense - the amount of damage a follower can take. Recovery - The amount of damage removed from the follower during its owner's turn. Power up - the amount of power up tokens required to reach a new level.

6. This is the name of the card. Like the subtype, a follower is also considered whatever its name is as well.

7. These are the stats of the follower at each level above 0. These levels are obtained by meeting the power up requirements on the card. Power up tokens can be obtained through other cards or killing an opponent's followers or buildings.

Hopefully this breakdown clarifies what a follower is and how the card is read.

Best, -Jonathan Flike

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