Kingdoms of Immacus: Card Game Progress Report 2/28/16-3/5/16

Every week I will try to do a Kingdoms of Immacus progress blog post as long as there is new information to talk about. Since this is the first progress blog post, I’ll talk about a little bit of everything. As of March 7th 2016, I am working with the fifth iteration of the game. Since the core set is relatively large, I have decided to take a different route of playtesting and correcting the set. When I finish each individual race, I do a playtest, analyze the problems, and then make corrections in the following race. The Xizek Race saw a few iterations as I wasn’t ready to start the next race after playtesting. By doing it in this manner, it allows me to make progress on the set and fix the mechanics not working in the game. The goal is that once I get to the final race, all the mechanics that makes Kingdoms of Immacus unique will be solid and fully playable. After the core game mechanics are solidified, I will playtest with all the cards in various racial mashups to fine tune the power curve of the cards and tweak, remove, or add cards that aren’t working or that need to be added to round out a race.

The fifth iteration of the game has seen a lot of changes. Magic is no longer produced by principalities, the icons for health, defense, recovery, and powering up have all been redone, there have been updates to the face of the card to improve clarity, a fourth level has been added for most cards, a War Room, Tributary, and two racial-specific buildings have been added for each race. There have also been changes to the resource system, but these will probably see the most dramatic changes come further iterations. If all of this is sounding foreign, no worries, blog posts about what kind of cards I have, the mechanics associated with them, and why the decisions were made to have these cards work the way they do will be coming shortly.

The set is complete pending any last minute changes, removals, or additions to the core set. This means concepts of all 350+ cards have been written down and are making their way to either my Excel database or on the actual cards themselves. Three races have had their card faces completed along with the stats and abilities placed on the cards. These cards are completed minus their main artwork. This marks the halfway mark for the racial-specific cards, which encourages me that I am on the downhill trajectory for this part of the game. Though these cards are “completed,” they still need testing and tweaking. This will happen more intensely as the set cards become fully completed and the main artwork phase begins. In the next progression blog I will most likely discuss the results from the upcoming Astracite playtest and the progress I have made on the Crystalynns.


-Jonathan Flike

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