New Humor Series: Command Prompt Confession

What was originally intended to be a more serious photo series, wound up turning into a new humor collection. I liked the idea of using the command prompt to enter in a confession that would ultimately result in an error. They are absurd and do not compute. I leave the recycle bin in the desktop image as a way to tell the viewer to throw any serious analysis of each piece in the garbage. If it offends, shocks, or causes a laugh, the feelings are all temporary and go away with the click of the "X." Tumblr is a great outlet for what I want to do comically, and Command Prompt Confession will find a nice home there. The art of the facetious is something I have grown very fond of as of late and I hope you enjoy.

-Jonathan Flike

#jonathanflike #commandpromptconfession #photography #humor

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