New Humor Photo Series: Coffee Cup Criticism

I am happy to announce has some new exclusive content to hit it first before Tumblr (sorry :( ). I got the idea as I was sitting in a coffee shop drinking my coffee doing my thing. For anyone who has followed my work they know I am really intrigued with coffee shop culture in America and I have written about it a few times. I started to think about what my coffee cup would say if it was able to speak. The coffee cup is the vessel for all things liquid in caffeinated wonder, and if anyone was to have any insight about coffee shops, its customers, or the culture, it would be the coffee cup. As I reflected on my own personal Starbucks excursions, it occurred to me that my own personal coffee cup would be a little bit of a grump and overly critical. "Coffee Cup Criticism" allows me to criticize myself, the world of coffee, and a little bit more through my personified coffee cup. I really think he needs a name...Maybe someone can shot me an e-mail with a suggestion.

Once I started to actually do the photo series, I realized I needed to go out into the world and make it more interactive with the environment instead of doing all the pictures from the comfort of my own place like all the other work you can find on my Tumblr. With each new picture it became an adventure with me and my overbearing and derogatory coffee cup who is one slip of the wooden stirring stick to getting dumped in the recycle bin. I look forward to making more photographs and getting inventive with where and how I take them. This series really reenergized me from a writing standpoint and will be a much needed rounding out to the Tumblr posts, which I feel as of late is needed.

The sharpie and craft-like quality of the whole thing juxtaposes the slick sans-serif nature of the other photo series. This will give my blog and my site some diversity and it also is just a lot of fun to draw faces on coffee cups and make snarky comments about myself. I am excited about this new series and I hope you all will enjoy checking them out as much as I like making them. -Jonathan Flike

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